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Reducing Healthcare
Supply Chain Risks


Create a Better Future 
of Medical Procurement

Grapevine is on a mission to transform every healthcare business’ siloed supply chain processes into an expansive digital supply chain network. Our goal is to cut costs on medical supplies, improve velocity, protect front-line workers, and bring true healthcare equity to all Americans, no matter where they are.


We support healthcare’s highest-performing supply chain partners, helping them to connect, transact, and optimize med-supply costs, fulfillment times, and B2B trade processes.


Did you know that fragmented US healthcare supply chains account for over $60B in losses each year, while medical goods move 40 times slower than in other industries? During the Covid crisis, we saw this inefficiency and waste first-hand as a result of siloed operations, outdated manual processes, and a linear supply chain structure.


With Grapevine’s unified operating system, you don’t have to compromise operational efficiency to leverage the power of a supply chain network. We cut out the middleman and put the power into the hands of healthcare providers and everyday Americans.


Grapevine takes care of the complexity, so you can focus on growth. So, “Grow with us”.


Meet the Founders

We’re driven by a single mission: revolutionize healthcare supply chains and achieve true equity. Our founders, shaped by personal experiences and a broken system, refused the status quo. We're a diverse team of experts, leveraging technology to disrupt the landscape. We cut costs, ensure faster deliveries, and empower providers to focus on what matters.



Originally from Yorktown, NY, Luka graduated from the highly prestigious VIPER program at the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE in Bioengineering and a BA in Environmental Science. The son of a biomedical scientist and a nurse practitioner, it was Luka’s front row seat to healthcare supply chain failures that originally inspired Grapevine. Outside of the office you can find him perfecting his urban green thumb or spending time with his beloved Australian Shepard, Vienna.



Originally from Calabasas, CA, Emma is a master of design and marketing. She manages Grapevine’s growth strategy and works on product development, automating and streamlining the user experience. Outside the office, Emma has a passion for fashion and interior design. Whether she's refining a marketing campaign or curating stylish interiors, Emma’s creativity and innovation shine through in all her endeavors. She brings a blend of strategic thinking and artistic flair to every project, making her an invaluable asset to the Grapevine team.


Business Development

Originally from Rye, NY, Will graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Economics. He manages all of Grapevine’s financials and sales initiatives. Around here we say, “where there’s a Will, there’s a way.” Outside the office, you can find Will on the ski slopes or at a live music venue, most likely enjoying a John Mayer concert. Will’s passion for adventure and sharp financial acumen ensure Grapevine’s success both on and off the slopes.


Grapevine in the News

We're actively engaged with the media, sharing our expertise and advocating for a more efficient and equitable system. Our thought leaders are regularly featured in top publications, podcasts, and industry forums, sparking discussions and driving positive change. Stay tuned for the latest news and insights as we continue to transform how healthcare resources are delivered.


Supplier Development

Born and raised in NYC, Elijah’s first love, baseball, brought him to the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. At Grapevine, Elijah focuses on supplier issues, expanding our vendor network, and ensuring accurate deliveries to our clients. Outside the office, you can find him at the latest movie screening or playing drums with his band. Elijah’s knack for building strong relationships and his attention to detail ensure our supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently.


Product Development

Originally from Palos Verdes, CA, Greg graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Political Science. He manages the software development team at Grapevine and oversees all quality assurance of our platform. When not wearing his scrum master hat, you can find Greg in running shoes, training for his next marathon, or creating melodies on his guitar. Greg’s blend of technical expertise and creative passion brings a unique energy to our team, driving both innovation and quality in everything he undertakes.

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